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Team Golf
Pat Allison Builders Team Golf 
Results from last years Team Golf: Congratulations to "Birdie Fours" 2017/18 1st Division Winners again!! and to "The Players" 2017/18 2nd Division Winners.
This years event begins on Monday 8 October 2018 and we will finish the competition prior to coring due in early March 2019. That means teams won't play every other team during the round robin stages.
2018/19 Teams & Sponsors:
Brushstrokes (Eric Wiig Ltd)
Corsairs (Westshore Beach Hotel)
The Craftsmen (Panton Plumbing Ltd) 
Cross Country Rentals (Cross Country Rentals)
Grand-Pars (Angkor Wat Kiwi Bakery & Cafe)
Heinekings (Sideline Bar)
Matees (Allison Builders)
The Players (Golf Matters)
Pristine Titans (Pristine Powdercoating)
The Rocky Birdie Fours
Smashed (Napier Glass)
Suits (Sainsbury Logan & Williams)
Sweeny Todds (Nevilles Barber Shop)
Van Goghs (Colourcraft)
Village People (Napier District Masonic Trust)