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Team Golf
Pat Allison Builders Team Golf  for 2018/19. 
This years event begins on Monday 8 October 2018 and we will finish the competition prior to coring due in early March 2019. That means teams won't play every other team during the round robin stages.
Results from last years Team Golf: Congratulations to "Birdie Fours" 2017/18   1st Division Winners again!! and to "The Players" 2017/18    2nd Division Winners.
2018/19 Teams & Sponsors:
New team (Cross Country Rentals)
Village People (Napier District Masonic Trust) 
Smashed (Napier Glass)
Birdie Fours 
Sweeny Todds (Nevilles Barber Shop)
Suits (Sainsbury Logan & Williams)
The Players (Golf Matters)
Brushstrokes (Eric Wiig Ltd) 
Van Gogh's (Colourcraft)
Matees (Allison Builders)
AMP Solutions (AMP)
The Craftsmen (Panton Plumbing Ltd)
Angkor Wat GRAND-Pars (Angkor Wat Kiwi Bakery & Cafe) 
Heinekings (Sideline Bar)
Corsairs (Westshore Beach Hotel)
Pristine Titans (Pristine Powdercoating)