Description: Two palm trees left and a Macrocarpa right will catch any wayward drives. The green has a pot bunker on the right and mounds and OB on the left. Pro's Tip: A great dog leg par 4, take on the right to left drive if you succeed a straightforward pitch awaits you. Another option is to take a shorter club to lay up to the corner and you will be left with a mid iron to the green. This can bring the out of bounds to the left of the green into play on the approach.


Marker Gender Par Stroke Distance
   Blue   4 11 339
   Maraenui Composite   4 9 322
   Red   4 14 202
   White   4 9 322
   Yellow   4 7 313
   Blue   4 5 339
   Maraenui Composite   4 5 322
   Red   4 14 202
   White   4 6 322
   Yellow   4 8 313

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