Description: This challenging hole has everything except a bunker. Long Par 4 for the men with OB to the right and also behind the green. Requires two very good shots. Pro's Tip: The longest par 4 on the course demands a good drive straight. More club for the approach as there is a hollow in front of the green visually traps players. Watch the OB long over the green


Marker Gender Par Stroke Distance
   Blue   4 1 396
   Maraenui Composite   4 1 396
   Red   4 4 218
   White   4 3 363
   Yellow   4 5 318
   Blue   5 13 396
   Maraenui Composite   5 9 396
   Red   4 4 218
   White   4 2 363
   Yellow   4 2 318

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