“The respected elder of the five winds of Maraenui Golf Club”
Matua – Guardian of the wild life, trees and gardens of our course who looks over all of our members, past, present and future. He looks towards the clubhouse and carpark, watching the sun rise. He sees our staff, members and visitors arrive at our course and watches them as they leave.
Matua’s moko shows Five Winds that he represents – 10 lines in each group representing male and female. Four of the winds are North, South, East and West. On these four winds people came to live, the 7 waka’s (canoes) of the Maori, The Whalers in their sailing boats, Captain Cook and the many that followed soon after.
The Fifth wind represents people from all countries of the world who came to settle in New Zealand (Aotearoa) on tall ships, steam ships, liners, aeroplanes and jumbo jets.
It is from these Five Winds that our members of Maraenui Golf Club came. The early members built this course and the clubhouse(s), they planted trees and gardens. Over the years members have come and gone but always new members have joined to take the place of their predecessors and continued the good work to keep our Club alive and well.
Matua represents ALL members, past, present and future – irrespective of race, religion, shape or size as we all have one common interest.
From his position, Matua sees and hears all. Greet him – KIAORA MATUA – tell him your problems – talk and he will listen. He won’t talk back, change your swing, grip or stance – but he will listen!